Since 1st January 1998, the EPA has adopted the playing rules of the World Eight ball Pool Federation (hereafter referred to as “WORLD RULES”) for use in all nationally organised events. Individual leagues are of course, still entitled to use any rules they wish to play. If they league wants to use World Rules they can do so. Similarly, if the league want to use rules such as the black to be played left-handed with both eyes shut, that too is OK (it might make the games go on a bit longer though!). All national competitions will, however, be played to World Rules.As of May 2009, Darwen Pool Association has adopted World Rules, with the exception of time restrictions, for all competitions. This is a major step for the players of Darwen and we ask all players to be mindful of the different knowledge levels of the players within the league, and be supportive over the coming months.

DPA Constitution

  • A constitution is a set of rules for the DPA committee and the DPA members that explains and limits the powers and functions of the Darwen Pool Association. These rules together make up, i.e. constitute, what the Darwen Pool Association is.

DPA General Rules

  • This document governs the running of the league from a match night and league perspective. It is important that a copy is made available at any venue on request.

DPA World 8-Ball Pool Rules

  • These rules have been compiled using World Eight Ball Pool Federation Rules as at January 2009. Where necessary the DPA have amended the rules where it has felt needed to further the league and retain the sportsmanship within Darwen.

DPA Referee’s Guidance Notes and Calling Procedures

  • It is intended to be both guidance to the rules of the Darwen Pool Association, and guidance to refereeing the game of Eight Ball Pool. This guidance should be read in conjunction with the D.P.A. Rules and the Referees Calling Procedure at the end of this document.


  • Sometimes it’s hard to visualize how the “written” rules should be interpreted. So here you will find 8 images, courtesy of Roy Slater, which explain how Snookers are defined within World rules.