DPA Constitution

Approved at March1st 2010 by the AGM
Amended as at March 31st 2010


The name of the league shall be the “Darwen Pool Association”, hereafter known as the DPA.

The DPA is formed for the purpose of promoting pool amongst all players in the Darwen area. The DPA shall organise team competitions and individual, doubles and tri-cast competitions.

The Management Committee

The DPA shall select a management Committee to undertake all league business.

The Committee shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, General Secretary, League Secretary and other members drawn from the affiliated teams. Additionally, any team captain shall be a member by ex officio .

The five main officers will be responsible for the finances of the DPA; all cheques must have two signatures in accordance with the bank mandate. The Treasurer will maintain accurate records of income and expenditure and at all times observe proper banking procedures. The accounting year shall end on the last day of the month immediately preceding that in which the AGM occurs.

The five main officers will hold office for two years, staggered with the Chairman and Treasurer elected each odd year, and the Vice-Chairman, General Secretary and League Secretary each even year. Other elected members of the Committee shall hold office for one year. The Committee will appoint any member of the incumbent committee to fill any vacancy that may occur. The Committee may also co-opt any person whose appointment would be beneficial to the Committee.

The committee will appoint any member from the incumbent committee to fill any position that may occur during the year. The person seconded into the position will only be acting in that position until the next A.G.M.

The Committee shall hold a meeting at intervals conductive to efficient management of League business. At all Committee meetings three members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of carrying on the business of the DPA.

At a Committee meeting all members present shall be entitled to one vote. In the event of a tie the Chairman shall have an additional deciding vote.

Any member of the Committee may call a meeting after giving 72 hours notice and reasons for doing so to the rest of the Committee.

Subject to this constitution (as amended at any General Meeting), the Committee shall have full authority, to make any decision that, in their opinion, is deemed necessary or beneficial to the DPA members.

The DPA will endeavour to reimburse all reasonable expenses incurred by any member of the Committee while conducting business on behalf of the DPA, such expenses to be approved by the Committee.

Conduct of General Meetings

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held by the DPA, within each calendar year, at which the election of the Committee members will be held, and at which any member can charge the Committee to give full account of any action taken by the Committee.

Any member wishing to add any item to the agenda must notify the Secretary before the start of the meeting. Nominations for the Committee will be taken during the meeting. Committee members must notify members of the time and venue of the AGM in good time.

An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be requested by any six members of the DPA on application to the Committee (this must include agreement from 3 current Committee members). Any letter of request for an EGM must contain six signatures of current members of the DPA. Such meeting should take place under the same conditions as for an AGM in rule 12. An EGM should take place if at any time the Committee feels it necessary, or if circumstances reduce the Committee such that the quorum cannot be achieved.

The following people will be entitled to one vote each at a General Meeting:

  • All elected members of the Committee present.
  • All team captains from any team affiliated to the DPA ( Or ONE representative in their place ).

In the event of a tie the Chairman has the deciding vote.

League Organisation

Membership shall be open to all clubs and public houses in the Darwen & Lower Darwen area (BB3 postcode).

The Committee reserves the right to refuse the membership to any team or individual they consider that granting membership shall be detrimental to the DPA.

All teams shall pay fees as agreed at an AGM. Only fully paid up teams will be entitled to enter any competitions organised by the DPA.

All monies held by the DPA will after deductions for legitimate expenses, be used for the benefit of all DPA members.

All competitions run under the auspices of the DPA will be played to EPA recognised rules, as amended from time to time, and also under the DPA procedural rules. However the Committee shall have the right to alter any playing rule they decide necessary. The Committee shall promulgate copies off all current relevant rules to member teams.


ALL members shall endeavour at all times to abide by the rules of the DPA.

The Committee reserves the right to suspend, fine or expel any individual or team for breach of the rules or any other rule the Committee makes at any future time or for any act deemed to have brought the DPA into disrepute.

Any expulsion of a member or team may also be referred to the Lancashire County Pool Association at the approval at a committee meeting.

A member/ team suspended by the DPA and referred to the LCPA, must appeal to the DPA, if the appeal fails, the member may request their County Association to hear their case, if the County Association rejects their case, the member can request the Region to hear their case, if the Region rejects their case, the member can request the EPA to hear their case, and their decision will be final.

Any member or team will be afforded every opportunity to defend themselves or explain themselves to the Committee.

Any team expelled from the DPA will forfeit the whole of any subscriptions paid for the current season, and any rights accorded to them as members of the DPA. (The Committee will write, advising the period of suspension ).

All arrears owed to the DPA must be paid by the commencement of a season for the team to be eligible to play in that season.

Any member may request the Committee to mediate in any dispute they may have with any other member/team within the DPA. Any decisions reached by the Committee will be final and binding on all parties.

Misconduct by a Team or Player

Any breach by a player of the Rules regarding player conduct and ‘the spirit of the game’ is likely to result in an immediate ban of the player concerned. Further in any such event, the team concerned may forfeit.

All breaches of the rules brought in front of the committee will be dealt with on an individual basis and at the committee’s discretion.


Any disputes brought in front of the committee will be dealt with at the nearest monthly meeting. The captain’s (or a representative) of the team’s involved are required to attend. Under direction from the committee, the two captains will be asked to come to a satisfactory solution themselves. This solution will then be explained to the committee. If no solution can be found by both captains, the committee will then make a decision which will be final.

Any committee member who is deemed to have a conflict of interest with any party in disputes, i.e. by playing for a team at the same venue, will be excluded from voting in relation to said disputes.

Powers of the Committee / Appeals

Any appeal on DPA matters must be received in writing by the General Secretary within 10 working days from the actual match date that the appeal relates to. Any appeal will then be heard at the following Committee meeting.

The Committee shall have the powers to apply and enforce the rules of the DPA, furthermore, The Committee shall have jurisdiction over matters affecting the DPA including any not provided for in the rules.